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Girls Going Wild

Small Group Tour for Ladies visiting Kenya, Victoria Falls and Cape Town

Our ‘GM’, Leanne hosted this inaugural ‘Girls Going Wild’ trip for a small group of ‘Young at Heart’ girls to discover Africa. Below is the first excerpt from their Kenya experience.

(written by one of the lucky participants)

We were a diverse group of 9 women, friends for years, about to embark on a holiday of a lifetime, prepared by one of the most experienced African Safari Travel Experts in Australia, we trusted her implicitly, our itinerary was packed, there wasn’t a single detail we needed to worry about because we were taking her with us – Leanne Wild, The Africa Safari Co. General Manager – and Legend!

In the early morning hours we arrived at Nairobi airstrip to board our small plane to Laikipia to join the Karisia Walking Safari, the adventure was about to begin… GGW cleared for take-off.

We were met at the Loisaba Conservation Centre by Gabriel our Samburu tracker and guide. For the next two hours our convoy of 2 vehicles traversed the country of Tumaren and we were soon to learn that Gabriel missed nothing, this had to be the most interesting “hotel transfer” ever experienced, complete with a “mock charge” from a young male elephant, Gabriel didn’t blink an eye, the rest of us just held our collective breath.

We arrived at our campsite which was nestled amongst the rocky outcrop of Nysaura, where we met the team of warriors (18 in total) who were taking care of our camp for the duration of our visit. I don’t think any of us were prepared for the experience of the next few days, the knowledge of our Guides, their willingness to share and explain the intricacies of their country, the wildlife that we walked amongst, the amazing scenery viewed from the ground and from the top of a camel, being so close to curious giraffes and spying the shy dic dic amongst the bushes, fabulous food, hot showers, smiles and laughter. The Karisia Walking Safari team are amazing, the memory of our farewell song and dance celebration performed by the Samburu Warriors is something I will not forget.

Although sad to say goodbye, our next adventure beckoned….. a transfer to Nanyuki Airstrip, GGW were again cleared for take-off heading to Mara North Conservancy for a 3-night stay at the amazing Kicheche Mara Camp, luxury sustainable safari camping at it’s finest.

The accommodation, service, food, friendliness of the staff all fabulous, the ethos and passion for the Mara is evident everywhere within the camp, the Camp’s Manager Carys and her humour never wavering (even when we drank the camp dry of Sav Blanc) shhhhh!!! But it is our guides Richard and Jimmy who show us the absolute wonders of the Masai Mara – this is Africa.

The landscape of the Mara takes your breath away and there was never too long in the drive before you were seeing something incredible. We had sundowners in the rain watching the Hippos wallow, we flew across open plains to be amongst the first to see a litter of cheetah cubs playing with their mum, we spent leisurely time watching a pride of lions and their cubs play in the early morning sun. We picnicked by the river watched a giraffe walk slowly across, we had countless sightings of Impalas, Thomson’s Gazelle and Hartebeest and saw a zillion Zebras.

This amazing place was hard to say goodbye to…..but the adventure was not over, we had Zimbabwe in our sights……

(Read Part 2 of our trip to Victoria Falls in the July edition)

Tour Dates: 20 September 2019 – 4 October 2019
Host: Leanne Wild

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