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This month we feature not a single lodge but instead a whole country – Egypt.

With a history that can be traced back to the 6th Millenia BCE, Egypt has one of the oldest recorded civilizations on the planet and is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity as a breathtaking tourist destination.

Egypt is famous for (amongst many other things) cruising down the river Nile, the Spinx, as well as the ruins of Memphis, Thebes, Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and probably the most famous of all, the Giza Necropolis – the only one of the seven wonders of the ancient world still in existence today. Egypt has long been a sought after tourist destination of travellers from all over the globe and still remains a very popular destination with more than 12 million visitors annually.

Egypt is classified as the driest and sunniest country in the world, and rainfall, even in the areas closest to the Mediterranean, is low and sporadic. It is a country of extremes, with very high temperatures during the summer months and bitterly cold temperatures during the cold winters, on the odd occasion, they have even experienced snow in Cairo. The best time to visit Egypt is from October to March, bearing in mind that December tends to be the busiest season with many tourists at all the major sites.

The Giza Necropolis and the Sphinx

The last of the seven ancient wonders of the world, and the only one still in existence today, the Great Pyramid of Giza has been gazed upon by tourists since tourism first originated. This is still one of the most recognised landmarks in the world and the main driving force behind people visiting Egypt.

Each of the Pyramids at Giza (there are 3 of them – Khufu, Kafhre and the smallest of the 3, Menkaura) is the tomb of a different King.

Standing guard over the Pyramids is the Spinx, Carved out of a single block of sandstone, the Sphinx is also synonymous with Egypt and has been attracting tourists since it was first uncovered.

Abu Simbel

These two temples, which were built for the pharaoh, Ramesses 2 are almost as famous as the Great Pyramid of Giza and have long been a major attraction for tourists to the Aswan area. Probably one of the most unique things about the temples is that in the 1960’3 they were completely dismantled and reassembled 60 meters higher on a cliff to avoid being flooded during the construction of the Aswan dam.

A visit to Abu Simbel combines nicely with one of the many Nile river cruises available.

Valley of the Kings

Situated on the ancient site of Thebes, the valley of the kings is where many of the Pharaohs were buried and prepared for their journey into the afterlife. The most famous of these was Tutankhamun who’s tomb was discovered in the 1920’s. Tutankhamun’s treasures are now housed in the Egyptian museum in Cairo.

It is advisable to visit Abu Simbel during the cooler months of the year and to wear comfortable walking shoes when you do so as you will be doing a lot of walking.

Luxor Temple

Situated in the very center of Luxor city, is the temple of Luxor. Constructed around 1400 BC primarily to celebrate the festival of Opet, it has gradually been added to over the years by other rulers but it has always been a place of worship both for Christians and then Muslims. There is a Mosque built inside the temple which is one of the highlights of a visit to Luxor temple.

These are only a few of the many attractions that you will encounter on your visit to Egypt. We have a number of suggested itineraries on offer or we can design an itinerary specifically to suit your requirements.

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